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Author: propolice
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Subject: Re: [plug-misc] Looking for SRE/DevOps/sysadmin
3-5 minutes

Apologies, if you felt rick-rolled and your precious time wasted. You
can see I've added an estimated reading duration[1] head this time
around. Wrote the job posting through the web UI and published ASAP
unlike that LaTeX book perpetually in its first chapter. I call bull
on Dijkstra! I still commit off-by-one mistakes in 1-based indexing.

Alas, I can't fix my mistake. No travelling back in time. No tears in
space-time or the prospect of quantum entanglement necessitating the
torment of an Austrian cat.

Speaking of the connection between Rick and time. I just finished the
Dark[2] series and there's a second season episode that made good use
of the hit meme. Whilst racking my brain trying to make sense of the
incestous family tree they decided to casually slip a rick roll. It's
like the creators saying: tic tock motherfuckers[3]. Can't fault them.
It's a scene set in the 80's. This is the mother of all golden

More episodes later. It's 1AM - the hilarious incident now a distant
memory. The fire 2050s Jonas-core tech outfit in my thoughts. I willed
myself to sleep.

The next morning I got woken by a faint melody trying to overpower the
clicks of a Cherry blue switch. I get up. The virus is going around.
No classes. One of my kids is playing the 1987 single in a Roblox
mini-game!. Over the crinkly built-in monitor speakers, bass
non-existent - Rick is belting his heart out. My son, unbeknownst to
the Rick mythos, uttered: "This is my favorite song." As a parent it's
my responsibility to continually tip the scales to what they desire.
Trying to hold my laughter with a straight face, I said: "Sounds

That day my TIL was: Dark and Roblox joins the cadre of successful
creative works that rick-rolled millions.

True story. To be shelved into your 'non-fiction' tag.

Sic Mvndvs.

[1] a brilliant idea if I may, adding this to company-wide rants
[3] pardon the rated-PG obscenity; pretty sure subscriber's still
tuning in are over 40 years of age
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