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Author: Anuerin Diaz
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Catch-All Discussion List
Subject: Re: [plug-misc] Looking for SRE/DevOps/sysadmin
where exactly did the [1] footnote come into play in that email?

yes, i had a few minutes to spare. i want my 3 minutes back that was spent
on searching for that marker. /lol

On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 1:11 PM <propolice@???> wrote:

> Hello!
> Did you have lunch already?
> Whew. The PLUG lists are still up, posting here instead. A local
> JavaScript Slack group almost forced my hand.
> A Quezon City based company is urgently looking for a senior
> sysadmin-type person. You may consider yourself an SRE or DevOps
> engineer, whatever's en vogue right now.
> You NEED to know:
> + Linux
> + advanced shell scripting
> + Terraform
> + AWS
> + Git
> + how to exit vi without rebooting your computer
> + to expect Lovecraftian horrors instead of Neal Stephenson-esque work
> from your colleagues
> Other buzzwords you may need to be familiar with: CI/CD, gitops,
> containers, IaC, configuration management, documentation(?).
> College degree, dead-tree certificates or a PhD in Kubernetes
> absolutely NOT required. The HR copy may have mentioned these but I
> once considered them APT. Full-time employment. WFH mostly but work is
> 48 hours a week.
> Send your CV/resume to my gmail address you see here. A secure sharing
> channel also works. Plaintext preferred, PDF is fine but needs to
> embed malware achieving <10/46 VirusTotal rates. All documents
> received will be saved to a fully encrypted storage then digitally wet
> pulped[2] once reviewed.
> Best regards.
> [1] No offense, as proof I can provide evidence of owning an actual
> unread paperback copy of `JavaScript: The Good Parts,
> [2]
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