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Author: Erwin Olario
To: osm-ph, Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Catch-All Discussion List
Subject: [plug-misc] City Mapa-thon
We'd like to invite the community to another city mapa-thon for San Juan
next Saturday, 10th June: Let's map (San) Juan more time!

A mapa-thon is a participatory mapping activity that brings together
community members, volunteers, enthusiasts, and people who'd like to do or
learn how they can make better maps of their neighborhood. No prior
experience is required!

Details and RSVP: https://ti.to/mapamore/juan-more-time

If you want to learn about what came about our last mapa-thon, you may read
about the blog post[0]. Feel free to forward and share this with your
network and friends.

Kind regards,
Erwin Olario
MapAm❤re Initiative

[0]: https://goo.gl/zjB4kt

/Erwin Olario

e: erwin@??? | v/m: https://t.me/GOwin | s: https://mstdn.io/@GOwin
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