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Author: Roberto Verzola
To: gmdumlao, Philippine Linux Users' Group \(PLUG\) Technical Discussion List
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Subject: Re: [plug] your own root server, anyone?
The response was not enough, so I didn't pursue it. But I can always contact the resource person, if there is enough interest.

On a different matter: I'm working on renewable energy nowadays. It is an industry that's feeling the disruptive impact of solid-state/digital/computer/information technologies, and I think IT people might want to look into possibilities. Controllers based on open-source ideas might find an expanding market here. For instance, grid-connected solar panels need local intelligence to counter-act "smart" electric meters ("smart" in maximizing benefit for the utilities that own and program them).

Regards to all,


On Thu, 25 May 2017 18:45:26 +0800
GMDumlao <gmdumlao@???> wrote:

> This must be one of the longest running still active (?) threads I've read.
> How goes it so far, Obet? Is it still on?
> G
> On Thursday, 30 June 2016, Roberto Verzola <rverzola@???> wrote:
> > Dear pluggers,
> >
> > I managed to get in touch with Louis Pouzin, an Internet pioneer who says
> anyone can actually create a root server, if there are others who want to
> try them out. He and colleagues operate one, called OpenRoot. He also
> helped China set up its own.
> >
> > I have asked Louis (and his colleagues) to guide me how to do it and he
> might be willing to do so. If for some reason anyone wants to set an
> alternative root server, if only for the fun of it, anyone here in plug
> wants to join me in this learning process? I suppose there are materials on
> the Internet we can read to learn this thing ourselves, but having access
> to an expert is always useful.
> >
> > We can even do it on this list itself, which might make it little bit
> more active.
> >
> > Let me know...
> >
> > Obet Verzola
> >
> >
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