Re: [plug] your own root server, anyone?

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Author: Justin Jereza
To: rverzola, Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Technical Discussion List
Subject: Re: [plug] your own root server, anyone?
Wouldn't adhering to regarding capacity
and availability requirements be one of the bigger questions regarding
this? Is there already a plan for that?


On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 3:25 PM Roberto Verzola <rverzola@???> wrote:

> I was hoping at least a dozen. Actually, if the moderators agree to do it
> on this list, that should be enough too. My contact person is the guy who
> taught the Chinese how to set up their own root DNS server (Louis Pouzin).
> But maybe, he will ask an assistant to teach us, I don't know.
> Obet

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