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Author: Nor Gile
To: Lawrence, leonardo, Linux, Lisa Marave, Lorenzo, Louie Tanlu, MES, NG, Nomer
Subject: hi my dear friend
Nor Gile http://www.goo.gl/ruiULh#@xradxn=973&qchzrezcufme=91611&xolyiti&mfdtjulolpr&zvuaozpe==8139=31434& I was 240 lbs and dropped down to 160
Or once only imposed on them. Or arrangements can be made for pony treks or camps and on the whole very little objection is made by the children to the arrangements so made for them.But the house was a long way from the village, and the Tahitians are lazy. They love to travel and they love to gossip, but they do not care to walk, and for weeks at a time Strickland and Ata lived alone. He painted and he read, and in the evening, when it was dark, they sat together on the verandah, smoking and looking at the night. Then Ata had a baby, and the old woman who came up to help her through her trouble stayed on. Presently the granddaughter of the old woman came to stay with her, and then a youth appeared -no one quite knew where from or to whom he belonged -but he settled down with them in a happy-go-lucky way, and they all lived together.Followed by thunderous applause. Honor among thieves, the dance was on again full swing.I the result ofusing it. In a few minutes childerns society had answered whan mary writ up to em an taxed em with it. ____________________________________________________
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