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Author: Roberto Verzola
To: plug
Subject: Re: [plug] ffmpeg / avconv
I just found the reason why ffmpeg didn't work for me. I was using the
buggy version that came with ubuntu. After downloading the source from
the ffmpeg site and compiling it, the problems went away!

Although I still need to learn the hundreds of options and commands
under ffmpeg, at least I can do simple conversions now, and the
defaults work fine.

The url that the two Danny's gave were also very informative... Thanks,

I did try openshot too, but somehow, it crashes on my system. (a
netbook... haha).


On Wed, 22 Apr 2015 11:34:32 +0800
Roberto Verzola <rverzola@???> wrote:

> Dear pluggers,
> I'm trying to convert a numbered sequence of jpg files into video. The
> names are 0010.jpg, 0020.jpg, 0030.jpg etc. Would like to turn these
> into a single .mp4, or whatever format will work.
> I've tried ffmpeg, avconf, and winff but I only get as far as creating
> the video file but it doesn't play. The created file is less than
> 20kb.
> The ffmpeg command I tried (variations of...) is:
> ffmpeg -f image2 -i *.jpg -r 12 -s 320x200 switchoff.mp4
> I tried the gui winff but I can't find the menu options that will
> convert multiple jpegs to video.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Obet
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