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Author: Drexx Laggui [personal]
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Catch-All Discussion List
Subject: [plug-misc] how's availability & skills of Linux users in schools?
04Apr2014 (UTC +8)

Hello PLUGgers,

My buddies and I are looking for summer interns to process lots of
text files. I just realized that school schedules are done already, so
I maybe too late :(

What do you think is the availability & depth of skills in schools now?

Any recommendations for me to go to?

An intense technology company is looking for a Junior Linux System
Administrator for its Metro Manila office. The role of a Junior Linux
System Administrator is responsible for maintaining and analyzing
large datasets on Linux servers.

The primary operating system for the Linux servers is CentOS, but
there will be Ubuntu workstations as well.

Expectations include:
- The most important skill set is to be able to process text files,
using basic Unix tools like gawk, sed, grep, uniq, sort, vi, and the
like. Python or other language programmers are very welcome too.
Potential candidates who do not know what regex is, please do not
- College degrees in Computer Engineering or Science are nice, but not
required, but l33t skills are.
- Manage the inventory of files, including shell scripting development
to automate operational tasks (bash vs csh vs sh vs ksh philosophy is
- Monitor the server health, automating the system health, and
performing maintenance jobs as needed.
- Manage assigned projects and complete them on schedule.
- Ability to work independently and remotely; attention to detail will
be greatly appreciated.

The Junior Linux System Administrator job can be a summer internship
program, or a full-time employment experience. The compensation
package will be commensurate with the Junior Linux System
Administrator skills, talent, and experience. Interested candidates
may send their CVs to BigData.vacancies@???. Only shortlisted
candidates will be notified.

Drexx Laggui -- CISA, CISSP, CFE Associate, ISO27001 LA, CCSI, CSA
http://www.laggui.com ( Manila & California )
Computer forensics; Penetration testing; QMS & ISMS developers; K-Transfer
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