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We're still hiring btw :)

Christian A. Foronda

On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 4:47 PM, Christian Foronda <caforonda@???>wrote:

> Hi!
> *Company:* Exist Software Labs, Inc.
> *Site:*
> *Office:* Ortigas Center, Pasig
> *Status:* Full time
> *Shift:* Regular office hours
> If you have
> … a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any engineering related
> courses/field.
> … at least 3-5 years experience in designing, evaluating, configuring, and
> implementing server and network systems.
> … extensive knowledge in implementing solutions using Open Source
> Technology particularly the flexibility in handling different Linux
> Operating System (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Red Hat), FreeBSD's Pf for
> Firewall redundancy with CARP and pfsync
> … experience with setup and implementation of HA Proxy, Apache, Nginx and
> other web server modules likes Reverse proxy.
> … working experience with MySQL and PostgreSQL
> … experience working with MongoDB, it will be an advantage.
> … experience with virtualization implementation such as Xen and/or Proxmox
> and Cloud Computing.
> … working knowledge administering various services such as SVN and Git
> repositories, Squid, OpenLDAP, DHCP, DNS and Asterisk PBX system.
> … strong foundation in networking concepts such as LAN, Wifi, switches,
> routers, VLAN, VPN, IPSec and firewall.
> … the skill to troubleshoot both hardware and software issues.
> … ability to write Perl and BASH, it will be an advantage.
> … experience with Cisco switches, it will be an advantage.
> … experience with implementation of high-availability systems such as DRBD
> and Heartbeat, it will be an advantage.
> Send your CV to me.
> Thanks,
> Christian Foronda

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