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Author: Camilo III Lozano
To: Kagay-Anon Linux Users' Group (KLUG) Mailing List
Subject: [klug] [OT] Hriing NZ Company

its been a while... post lang ko about sa hiring sa ako company...

if you're interested, please visit the link below:


Hmm.. we are really looking for a programmer + kana na mga skills sa

PHP web developer preferably... at least one php framework like codeigniter.

Direct Hiring ni sya.. PH to New Zealand... ignore lang ang gi require na
must have NZ resident or citizen sa posting... taas na kaayo explain pa
nako.. hehehe..

*Process*: Selected > Interview > Work Offer > Process Work Visa > Fly NZ >
Work NZ

anyway... just submit your CV and cover letter...


1. review your CV, if naa mo website or web apps na gibuhat then gi
showcase ninyo sa inyo CV.. please ensure na active pa ang link.
2. then sa inyo CV, buhat ug summary table sa inyo skills. (

that's all thanks...

NZ Mobile: +64 22 159 5396
NZ Telephone: 04 977 9378
PH Mobile #: +63916-3338326
PH Telephone #: (+63)(63) 221-1122
Website: www.camilord.com
Email: me@???

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