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Author: Zak Elep
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Subject: Re: [plug] [plug-misc] missing in action :P
On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 8:57 PM, chr1x2 <caforonda@???> wrote:
> Digging into the mailing list, looks like the last work was way back 2008
> But again there is discussion
> I would like to take the initiative to continue in rebuilding the site. I've
> used Joomla instead of Drupal. So I created a quickstart
> (disregard the domain). Not sure though what was
> the logo and look-and-feel of the site back then
> (

Wow, this looks good, nice3 work :) Not too sure if another forum
component on the site would work though (we have the mailing list and
the Facebook group already, so maybe too much,) but it is a start.

> Also is "Development on this website has been postponed pending movement to
> a new host... The VPS which this server is hosted on is currently strained
> to its limits as it is sharing space with some very active websites." still
> true?

Gary Mercado was the last person to take initiative in this, so I
think you can contact him for the details (he's also on Facebook as



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