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Author: Christian Foronda
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Subject: Hiring: Linux System Administrator

Company: Exist Software Labs, Inc.
Site: http://www.exist.com
Office: Ortigas Center, Pasig
Status: Full time
Shift: Regular office hours

If you have

… a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any engineering related courses/field.
… at least 3-5 years experience in designing, evaluating, configuring, and implementing server and network systems.
… extensive knowledge in implementing solutions using Open Source Technology particularly the flexibility in handling different Linux Operating System (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Red Hat), FreeBSD's Pf for Firewall redundancy with CARP and pfsync
… experience with setup and implementation of HA Proxy, Apache, Nginx and other web server modules likes Reverse proxy.
… working experience with MySQL and PostgreSQL
… experience working with MongoDB, it will be an advantage.
… experience with virtualization implementation such as Xen and/or Proxmox and Cloud Computing.
… working knowledge administering various services such as SVN and Git repositories, Squid, OpenLDAP, DHCP, DNS and Asterisk PBX system.
… strong foundation in networking concepts such as LAN, Wifi, switches, routers, VLAN, VPN, IPSec and firewall.
… the skill to troubleshoot both hardware and software issues.
… ability to write Perl and BASH, it will be an advantage.
… experience with Cisco switches, it will be an advantage.
… experience with implementation of high-availability systems such as DRBD and Heartbeat, it will be an advantage.

Send your CV to me.

Christian Foronda

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