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Author: Joseph Tacuyan
To: plug, linuxjobs
Subject: Systems Administrator
Howdy List,

We are hiring for mentioned position in our company. The role is Linux
Sysad/Operation, you won't be working on 24/7 shift rotation but you will
be on standby once per month on a weekend,so if you have the following
skill set and would like to venture to Kuala Lumpur, MY, give it a try.

*) Gnu/Linux (RPM & DEB) based - Specifically we're using Centos & Ubuntu,
depends on role of the box.
*) TCP/IP stack - ( know the innards of TCP or at least able use tcpdump).
*) KVM/Xen - Mostly KVM nowadays but we still have some remnants of Xen
that you need to support.
*) Bash/Perl/Python - At least able to skim through the code and get the
gist, if ever you can write the better.

*)Nginx/Apache - One of the bread and butter, would be part of your daily
*) Postgres - Need to support the DBA
*)Puppet - Hell, very good if you have a production experience. I'll still
grokking myself. :P
*) Nagios - This will be your best & worst friend, so if experience on this
is a must.
*) Svn/Git - You can learn to use this here if you don't have prior

We had some other tech that you'll encounter but won't be on a daily basis,

* Hadoop cluster
* Cobbler
* Splunk
* M$ Winbloat 2K8 - this might tickle your fancy :)
* Tableau
* Bacula

To help yourself from googling here's some reviews both good and bad I
think :) and wikipedia company page, specifically you'll be working for
Hitwise team.

Send me your CV & I'll have my boss review it and we will contact you if
you got shortlisted. Expected from your is uncanny problem solving skills,
wit and enthusiasm. Thinking out of the box or you box your thinking is up
to you. :P

Thanks - "May the force be with us"

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