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Author: Roberto Verzola
To: A Philippine Pythonista Hangout
Subject: Re: Call for Papers: Philippine Python Mailing List Relevance
Now that you mention it... I've been wondering whether I should now move
to Python 3.x, if there's any compelling reason to do so. I've gone
through the "what's new" and I haven't found any so far. Regards to all,

Obet Verzola

Federico Sevilla III wrote:
> Fellow Pythonistas,
> With a subject that I hope pokes a bit of fun at the sad majority of
> emails coming through this mailing list, I'd like to shout out and ask
> for people to defend the continuing relevance of this list. I plan to
> keep this "poll" open for the rest of February 2013, and hopefully
> before the end of the month we'll have a sufficient gauge as to
> whether the list should stay up or not.
> A sad fact: the last non-spam non-admin email was Andy Sy's email on
> 18 Jan 2011
> Looking forward to everyone's comments. The mailing list archives at
> are up and up-to-date if anyone is interested.
> Thank you very much.
> Kind regards,
> Jijo
> --
> *Federico Sevilla III*, CISM, CISSP, PMP, MACS CP
> Chief Executive Officer
> F S 3 Consulting Inc.

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