CoffeeScript - "Javascript's less ostentatious kid brother"

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Author: Andy Sy
To: A Philippine Pythonista Hangout
Subject: CoffeeScript - "Javascript's less ostentatious kid brother"
- CoffeeScript is compiled into Javascript.

- The compiler is (was) written in Ruby (now
written in CoffeeScript itself!)

- The syntax smells very very good and smooth,
like a Figaro latte.

- Syntactic sugar and cream for your Javascript?

- If, as per first impressions, it can successfully marry
the Lisp/Scheme-ishness of Javascript with the syntactic
sugar of Ruby, Python, Haskell, etc... it gets my vote.

- Douglas Crockford has always talked about a Javascript done
right with all the easily identifiable good parts retained
while all the easily identifiable bad parts are excised.

- CoffeeScript seems to be all that and way, way more. Think
Ruby + Python + Haskell + Javascript = Wow!

- I have not been this excited - make that elated - with a new
programming language since Python.

- I found mention of CoffeeScript at the end of the
"Comet with node.js and V8" talk slide:

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