[plug-misc] interview by ANC (cable TV) on Jan 29 (Friday)

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Author: Drexx Laggui [personal]
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Subject: [plug-misc] interview by ANC (cable TV) on Jan 29 (Friday)
25Jan2010 (UTC +8)

NAMFREL (headed by Joey Cuisia) and other civic-oriented groups are
asking us Pinoys to be vigilant and active in the upcoming national
elections of ours. Raffy and Joey have invited me, and so I extend the
invitation to all concerned Pinoys in here, to volunteer in whatever
way they to make our country better.

I'll try real hard to minimize my techno-babble, because I need to
talk about the trustworthiness of the COMELEC AES, based on what I've
only seen so far, and what I *don't* see, and help the general public
judge for themselves if the electoral risks are acceptable to all of
us --or not. After all, the Filipino people are the real stakeholders
in this IT automation project.

Background: for the past few months, I've been asked (as a volunteer
resource) by our economic leaders here in PH to help them separate the
wheat from the chaff (so to speak, in topics involving information
security versus fear-mongering and rabble-rousing). This is the first
time I will be expressing opinions in public.

DirecTV (USA): Channel 2062
SkyCable (Metro Manila): Ch. 27
Sunvision Cable (Taguig city): Ch. 40
SPC-New World Cable TV (Bulacan): Ch. 40
Parasat Cable TV (Cagayan de Oro): Ch. 30

>From Raffy Alunan III:

On January 29 (Friday), 8pm to 9pm (PH time), there will be a
"televised town hall meeting at ANC on the subject of electoral risks.
There is a need to inform the public of the remedies, alternatives,
and other ways that could still be done to salvage the elections.
COMELEC spokesman will be invited, Raul Pangalangan, Ronald Llamas and
Drexx Laggui.

This is a joint undertaking with DZMM teleradyo, Ch. 23, Management
Association of the Philippines, MGG, Kilosbayan, Youth Vote
Philippines, and web-based media partners, that will extend the
discussions on Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other
networking sites."

Drexx Laggui -- CISA, CISSP, CFE Associate, ISO27001 LA, CCSI, CSA
http://www.laggui.com ( Singapore / Manila / California )
Computer forensics; Penetration testing; QMS & ISMS developers; K-Transfer
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