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Author: Federico Sevilla III
To: python, compsci, plug-misc
Subject: [plug-misc] Call for Papers - PyCon APAC 2010
Hi everyone,

PyCon Asia Pacific (http://apac.pycon.org) will be held from 09-11 Jun
2010 in Singapore.

The deadlines are the following:

        * 01 Feb 2010 - Papers or Extended Abstracts (3 or more pages)

        * 15 Mar 2010 - Authors Notifications

PyCon conferences worldwide have had a broad range of presentations,
ranging from reports on academic and commercial projects to tutorials
and case studies. As long as the presentation is interesting and
potentially useful to the Python community, it will be considered for
inclusion in the program. Suitable topics for PyCon Asia Pacific 2010
include, but are not limited to:

        * Core Python and other implementations: IronPython, Jython,
        PyPy and Stackless

        * Python libraries and extensions

        * Python in Education, Science and Math (Special Track)

        * Business and Scientific Applications

        * Databases

        * Embedding and Extending Python

        * Game Programming

        * GUI Programming

        * Network Programming

        * Python in IT Security

        * Open Source Python projects

        * Packaging Issues

        * Programming Tools

        * Project Best Practices

        * System Administration

        * Web Programming (Django, Zope, Web2Py, TurboGears, WSGI)

All papers will be published in The Python Papers Monograph series
(www.pythonpapers.org). We suggest, but do not require, all authors to
place their papers under the Creative Commons license.

Please see http://www.pythonpapers.org/instAuthor.html for the preferred
formats of submission.

Please submit your papers at

For more details, see http://apac.pycon.org/conference.

Please feel free to blog and/or forward this, as appropriate.

Thank you very much.


Federico Sevilla III
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