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Subject: IEEE SADFE 2010 CFP
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Call for papers
5th International Workshop on Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic
Engineering (SADFE)
Oakland, CA, USA
20 May 2010

** Paper submission Due: January 16, 2010 **
or contact Dr. Endicott-Popovsky at endicott@??? for
additional information.

The SADFE (Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering)
International Workshop promotes systematic approaches to computer
investigations, by furthering the advancement of digital forensic
engineering as a disciplined science and practice.

Workshop and Paper Topics

To advance the field, SADFE-2010 solicits broad-based, innovative
approaches to digital forensic engineering in the following four areas:

Digital Data and Evidence Management: advanced digital evidence
discovery, collection, and storage
? Identification, authentication and collection of digital
? Post-collection handling of evidence and the preservation of
data integrity and admissibility
? Evidence preservation, archiving and storage
? Forensic ready and compliance ready architectures and processes,
including network processes
? Managing geographically, politically and/or jurisdictionally
dispersed data artifacts
? Data and web mining systems for identification and
authentication of relevant data
? Botnet forensics
Scientific Principle-based Digital Forensic Processes: systematic
engineering processes supporting digital evidence management which are
sound on scientific, technical and legal grounds
? Legal and technical aspects of admissibility and evidence tests

? Examination environments for digital data
? Courtroom expert witness and case presentation
? Case studies illustrating privacy, legal and legislative issues

? Forensic tool validation: legal implications and issues
? Legal and privacy implications for digital and computational
forensic analysis
? Handling increasing volumes of digital discovery

Digital Evidence Analytics: advanced digital evidence analysis,
correlation, and presentation
? Advanced search, analysis, and presentation of digital evidence

? Cyber crime scenario analysis and reconstruction technologies
? Legal case construction & digital evidence support
? Cyber-crime strategy analysis & modeling
? Combining digital and non-digital evidence
? Supporting qualitative or statistical evidence
? Computational systems and computational forensic analysis

Forensic-support technologies: forensic-enabled and proactive
? Forensics of embedded or non-traditional devices (e.g. digicams,
cell phones, SCADA)
? Innovative forensic engineering tools and applications
? Proactive forensic-enabled support for incident response
? Forensic tool validation: methodologies and principles
? Legal and technical collaboration
? Digital forensics surveillance technology and procedures
? "Honeypot" and other target systems for data collection and
? Quantitative attack impact assessment

Instructions for Paper and Panel Submissions

The SADFE-2010 Program Committee invites three types of submissions:
Full papers
Full papers present mature research results. Papers accepted for
presentation at the Workshop will be included in the SADFE-2010
proceedings, which we anticipate will be published by IEEE Press.
"Work-in-Progress" short papers
These shorter papers should describe interesting developing work or
concepts in the field of digital forensic engineering. These papers
should emphasize the nature of the problem they present, potential
solution and implications/impacts to the field, in such a way that it
will engender community discussion

Describing work in progress and/or specific tools available without
charge to the research community (ie, no vendor posters should be

Mukaddim Pathan
Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Lab
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
The University of Melbourne
Room # 5.30a, ICT Building, 111 Barry Street
Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria 3053, Australia.
Contact: +61-3-8344 1355 (Lab); +61-433349410 (Cell)
E-mail: apathan@???

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