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Author: Andy Sy
To: True Computer Science Mailing List
Subject: Re: More on Clojure
Giancarlo Angulo wrote:
> * Immutable but because 'new' copies are not full copies they maintain
> the performance guarantees (of the Java versions of the Collection I
> suppose)
> if you are familiar with how CouchDB works I believe they have similar
> ways of handling immutable.
> see this for couchdb implementation.

I've seen a lot of advocacy for key/value type dbs lately.
While it seems to makes stuff like replication easy, doesn't
this come at an unacceptable expense? I need my SQL or rather,
my relational operators.

I'll bet doing a relational db implementation (Tutorial D. hint,
hint...) in Clojure would be a really cool exercise, considering
the kinds of features that Clojure emphasises (e.g. STM, multi-core,

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