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Author: Pablo Manalastas
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group \(PLUG\) Technical Discussion List
Subject: Re: [plug] Embedded Linux Group
This is a good idea, but from our experience in Kingsville Marcos Highway, Antipolo City, the mobile providers, for some unexplained reason, did not have any signal at the height of the typhoon on Saturday evening. Also most batteries can only last for a finite (usually short) period of time. I am talking from experience here, since I am a victim of Typhoon Ondoy, which caused the continuous but steady increase in flood levels corresponding to the continuous steady rain. But I am also a victim of the careless dam management of Angat, Ipo, and La Mesa, which caused the catastrophic (almost Dirichlet) increase in flood levels long after the rain had stopped. "Catastrophic" here is used in the sense of mathematical Catastrophe Theory, which is the only explanation that I can see of the sudden onrush of extremely high flood levels, even after the rain had stopped for some time.

~Pablo Manalastas~

--- On Mon, 9/28/09, Miguel Paraz <mparaz@???> wrote:

> From: Miguel Paraz <mparaz@???>
> Subject: Re: [plug] Embedded Linux Group
> To: "Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Technical Discussion List" <plug@???>
> Date: Monday, September 28, 2009, 8:49 PM
> In light of current events... am
> thinking how our embedded devices can
> serve as infrastructure, like portable servers. Like if we
> can hook
> them up to batteries, and attach GSM modems for emergency
> SMS service.
> There are Android-based programs for that as well - much
> more
> expensive, but available to buy locally. How ironic.
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