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Author: meric mara
To: Meric Mara
Subject: [plug] Volunteers for Sahana Project (IT Professionals or Not), Stand Up, Rise UP!
Volunteers for Sahana Project (IT Professionals or Not), Stand Up, Rise UP!

With the help of the internet and media, we were able to pull ourselves and carry on our modern day Bayanihan.

Today, IBM and KahelOS Team, met with NDCC. With that said, NDCC and
its coordinating agencies shall be adopting the system and will require
our help to make this happen.

Urgently, we need to jumpstart and organize ourselves. Then, drill down
our activities and planned work to ensue and pursue the initial goals
of the project.

For the new volunteers, the Sahana Project is a web-based Disaster
Management System that addresses the common coordination problems
during a disaster from finding missing people, managing aids and
reliefs, managing volunteers and tracking camps effectively between
Government groups, the civil society (NGOs), concerned/private
individuals and the victims themselves.

You, as a Volunteer, can greatly contribute in making this tool an effective system.

First, please complete the form at this link. http://sahana.kahelos.org/volunteer.php

For any other info, you can email sahana@??? or join the forum at http://sahana.kahelos.org/forum.

Salamat at Mabuhay ang Bayanihan sa Modernong Panahon.


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