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Subject: Survey on Green Computing
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Dear Colleagues,

We are conducting an online survey on Green Computing to gather public
opinions on this emerging topic. It would be highly appreciated if you
can kindly spend 10 mins time to complete the survey. Your valuable
contribution will help us in further research and development.

The survey is available at:
(*Survey tab*)

A brief note on the project is provided in the following:

*Gabriel Sadaka*, Y10 student of Gleneagles Secondary College and
*Mukaddim Pathan*, PhD student of the University of Melbourne, Australia
have teamed up to realize the vision of power-aware computing, a.k.a
Green computing, in a computer datacenter environment.

Efficiency in the datacenter includes a concentrated focus on the number
one heat producing element---the computer. As computers scale up in
size, they are trending toward higher power density. Getting power in
and heat out in this environment is key to efficient operations.
Computing evolution has reached the point today where the cost of power
and cooling over the lifetime of a modern computer exceeds the cost of
the computer itself. As a consequence, scientists are facing stiff
challenges to reduce the computing power consumptions.

In recognition of the challenges of managing high energy usage in
computers and datacenters, Gabriel and Mukaddim aim to come up with
solutions for energy reduction in datacenters. For this purpose, they
have developed a Web-based online survey on power-aware computing. It
serves as a vehicle to integrate informed ideas, feedback, opinions and
analysis from researchers around the globe. They are also working
towards developing a software prototype for a datacenter power
calculator. Based on real time operating parameters, this software will
provide an estimate for the total power consumption and the cooling
needs in a datacenter.


Mukaddim Pathan
Grid Computing and Distributed Systems (GRIDS) Lab:
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
The University of Melbourne
Room # 5.30a, ICT Building, 111 Barry Street
Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria 3053, Australia.
Contact: +61-3-8344 1355 (Lab); +61-433349410 (Cell)
E-mail: apathan@???

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