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Author: meric mara
To: Meric Mara
CC: vedasto, contreo, medenill
Subject: [plug-misc] Fw: Search for the XML Superstar
This linked was specifically asked of me by IBM guys to spread and post to those who might be interested...
you have the knack, got the time and who knows you may be the one to be
sent to Beijing China and find out for yourself how their IBMLab
works.. that's pretty exciting.

              You may be
the XML Superstar we are looking for!

              Get a
chance to win IBM Lab Visits, Nintendo Wii systems, and iPod Nanos! . 

Besides the opportunity to be an ASEAN XML Superstar, the series of
contests allows you to acquire new skills such as XML and database
management that can help increase your marketability in the global
marketplace. Let your creativity fly with Video Mania, show your talent in Query Challenge and take the ultimate challenge
in Programming

              The "Search for the XML Superstar" is organized by IBM and IDUG, the International DB2 User
Group, to identify the next generation of software developers. 

              This brand
new ASEAN-wide initiative is open to all students, faculty members as well as professional developers

Early bird prizes will also be given to those who participate early. So
sign up now and get a head start to becoming an XML Superstar!

Join the "Search
for the XML Superstar" here!

              If you have
anyone in mind who could be the Superstar, give him/her a chance by
forwarding this email.

Best regards,

<ASEAN XML Superstar Contest team>

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