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Author: meric mara
To: bayanihan
Subject: RSVP: Experts ONLY!
8layer recognizes that there are untapped and unrevealed exemplary artisans in the field of Information Technology,
8layer believes that vast innovations can be achieved with collaborative minds and vigorous spirits.
8layer seeks these kinds of individuals. 
8layer Opens its doors to TWO Experts. 
An AsTMaster and A Guru Developer with a background in Linux, PHP and Symfony  

- If you feel you got what it takes, but you ain't got the breaks
- If you know more but right now you're doing less
Then you may not be at the right place at the right time...
We call upon who is up for the challenge, action and fulfillment.
Email us at info@??? for an interview and flaunt your flaws....
You could be an 8lien, Discover it inside of you.

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