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Author: Orlando Andico
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Technical Discussion List
Subject: Re: [plug] PDA/Phone programming platform (was: Openmoko Neo ...)
Most of the Sony-Ericsson phones use ARM SoC's which have Java
interpreters implemented in hardware (ARM calles it "Jazelle") which
is why they run Java really well. That said, most Nokia phones run
Java like the brontosaurus --- the startup time of the GMail applet on
my E90 is simply scandalous. The N95 8GB has a 332MHz processor so
might do better. Not holding my breath.

Also regarding the Indian Nokia "expert" my own experience seems to
bear out that most people doing presentations are more of presenters
than developers. So that guy's success or lack thereof does not have
bearing on the ease of use (or non-ease of use) of the Nokia S60 SDK.

I've had good experience with (free) Forum Nokia membership in my past
job. I never felt the need to have a for-pay membership.

Orlando Andico
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