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Author: Andy Sy
To: plug
Subject: Re: [plug] people leaving Google
Orlando Andico wrote:

> I know that some of the folks on these lists have interviewed at
> Google. A read through this blog article might console those who
> weren't hired :-)
> (or those like me who altogether weren't invited)

Wouldn't surprise me.

I put up my own lengthy observation of the issue here:

The gist is that the Microsoft of today is a very different company
that can no longer afford to be an arrogant monopoly, where stiff
competition originating from the camps of OSS, Linux and Google have
forced them to offer much better value in order to stay relevant, and
that it is actually Google which is behaving more and more like
the Microsoft of yore.

In fact, if one were to operate under the assumption that Microsoft
today is still the same old beast, one would miss a lot of cool new
developments from that company. (Actually, if Microsoft *did* operate
like it did before, I don't think it would stand a very good chance of
surviving Google, Linux and OSS for very long...)

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