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Author: Gabriel H. Mercado
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Technical Discussion List
Subject: Re: [plug] Phil IT Expo Ex Deal

Spoke with Mike Cole. Friends na kami lol. Jk. He's a good guy. Like I
said we were officemates once. I could always count on him, and
really, all of us here' intentions are for the best.

Re SEC, again I really dont think this is a priority at the moment.
The First Expo people are willing to deal with us without it (they
never asked for it), so all is well. Yeah I have a PDF copy of the SEC
stuff, I'll talk with my gf about it, she's a lawyer, so she'll
probably be our de facto lawyer as well :P.

Other than our good pal David Asuncion from Tarlac, some volunteers
have approached me privately but prefer to remain anonymous for
whatever reason. So aside from me and a few regulars here I expect to
show up (Migs, Mike T., Jan, Mike C., Jerome, Ian, the other guys who
showed up at the last EBs, etc etc.), we've got a good bunch coming. I
don't expect people to go there for the whole 3 days, not even a day,
actually. I myself can only probably come in half a day and just work
from there na lang (basta may internet which there will be).

I'm hoping to just have 2 or 3 activities and maybe a few speakers,
then we're all good.

I've already told 3 of my Press friends about it (PDI, Tribune and
Bulletin), and I'm planning to blog the hell out of it. I'll bring my
digicam so we can take mega pics + liveblog it as well, so we've got
good coverage <-- that's what's REALLY important.

Let's show those St. Paul nuns what they're missing :)


I'm itching to

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 8:50 AM, Michael Tinsay <tinsami1@???> wrote:
> I'm not subscribed to plug-misc so I may be missing something...
> I'm saddened to read Michael Cole's post...
> But moving forward, who here is willing to devote some time and/or resources to help Gabe with the expo? The expo is still more than two months away so there is time to plan and prepare for it. Me, I'm not yet sure if I can help man the expo itself but I'm willing to spend time to help plan and prepare.
> For me, the first thing on the list should be to sort out the status of PLUG, the legal entity, as I imagine it would be this that would be facing the expo. I suggest a meet-up be held for this soon. Gabe, are the SEC documents already with you? It would also be helpful if one or more former boardmembers be present in the meet-up.
> So who's interested and willing?
> --- mike t.
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