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Author: eric pareja
To: Gabriel H. Mercado
CC: Philippine Linux Users' Group \(PLUG\) Technical Discussion List, wyu
Subject: Re: [plug] Phil IT Expo Ex Deal

Sorry if I had come across as disagreeing to the activity. By all
means, go for it.

I just wanted to reiterate the need for officers, de jure or de facto.
You are stepping up to the plate as de facto leader of PLUG now.

On 7/9/08, Gabriel H. Mercado <ghmercado@???> wrote:
> There aren't any officers, and if we sit around waiting for officers, walang
> mangyayari.
> Let's just do this, ok guys?

eric pareja (eric.pareja@???)
Coordinator for Technology, National Telehealth Center, University of
the Philippines Manila
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