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Author: gregorio
To: plug
Subject: [plug] outsourced virtual private servers with "C-Panel" or other similar features
I'd like to know where in the Philippines can I find resellers of Virtual
Private Servers with "C-Panel" to manage files, databases and ftp. We are
into Joomla Content Management System, therefore, they should have support
for email, PhP, Phpmyadmin, MySQL, FTP with read-write access to all files
and folders.

As of now we have our own web server and we are hosting 50+ websites, mostly
Joomla/Mambo CMS. We are contemplating to migrate our connection to DSL
(Globelines Taipan packaged 3Mbps with 256Kbps CIR) from the present T1 at
1.5Mbps due to cost considerations. At present we are paying a monthly of
P32,000 compared to P3,000 more or less Taipan package with 2 public IP
address free. However, many from the plug community suggested that we
outsource our web hosting or get a VPS which give 99.9% uptime and
reliability. Now I'm inquiring.

Since most payments for the VPS services are done online or thru the
Internet, we prefer a Philippines-based "reseller" for administrative
requirements of our agency to have a bidding process, have the voucher
signed when check payment is received. We are that. I know somebody from our
place but he cannot participate in the bidding since he is also an employee
of our agency. We are in Leyte. Thank you.
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