Re: [plug] Using Xming as Opposed to VNC

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Author: Jun Salen
To: plug
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Subject: Re: [plug] Using Xming as Opposed to VNC
"Allister Levi Sanchez" Wrote:

>I've tried Xming before and found it very good. Cygwin is good too but
>Xming is quicker to install. If you need a more complete suite of
>Unix/Linux tools on Windows, maybe Cygwin is the way to go. But if you just
>need an X server that allows you to run remote X apps on your Windows PC,
>and want it quick, then Xming + putty would do just fine.
>About VNC, can't say much about it.

Why not try to use No Machine's NX. It is more faster than VNC. I do not have experience on Xming by the way.


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