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Author: Gabriel H. Mercado
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Technical Discussion List
Subject: [plug] PLUGGERS who are also BLOGGERS, we NEED your (plug related) FEED
The PLUG website is aggregating PLUG related content from its members. This
will achieve the ff.:

- Provides Always fresh, relevant content.
- Negates the need for resident editor to have to make content
- Distribution of PLUG related info amongst its members and the
- Will help PLUG website editor (well, just me at the moment) figure
out who are the writers and content producers amongst us which will help
when we need to create content later on.

What is 'relevant content'? Things like these:

How Tos
Opinion and Commentary
Other stuff relevant to PLUG members (can also be videos, audios, images,

So, if you are a PLUG member, you have a blog, and you occasionally come up
with stuff like that, send me your feed. *Please remember to TAG or
CATEGORIZE your PLUG posts, to keep it separate from the rest of your blog
posts*. You wouldn't want posts about your office party or political
analysis mixed in with PLUG content, right? Just tag it with either 'PLUG',

*On self hosted wordpress, I think it works like this:*
http://nameofblog.com/wp-rss2.php?cat=33 (where 33 = plug category)
or if tags:
http://nameofblog.com/wp-rss2.php?tag=33 (where 33 = tags for plug related

*on blogspot:*

*using LJ read this:*

I'm sure whichever host you're using has its own way, so geek on. Once
you've established the URI of your feed and customized it to your liking,
pls. email it to me. I shall then aggregate these and they will appear on
our beautiful and spectacular website. Note: Of course, standard rules of
good conduct apply, ie, no plagiarizing, no swearing or otherwise
unacceptable public behaviour etc. etc., and of course, your opinion remains
yours and not necessarily that of the organization. This exercise is again
merely to keep the website relevant with fresh info and / or generate a
general 'feel' for what's going on in PLUGgers' minds.

many thanks and I shall await your feeds
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