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Author: cloyd salamat
To: cloyd.salamat
Subject: [OT] Senior Systems & Network Administrator
Hi Everyone,

Please find the details of our new opening for a Senior Systems & Network Engineer as follows:

* Perform installation, administration, support and monitoring of servers and infrastructure. Applications running on CenTOS, Fedora Core Linux servers include but not limited to mail (Zimbra,Postfix, Spamassassin, ClamAV), file server (Samba), web server (apache), firewall (Iptables), Proxy (Squid/Delegate), DNS (Bind)and DHCP server. Applications running on Windows 2003 servers include Active Directory, IIS and DNS.
* Perform troubleshooting of end-user computer hardware and software problems.
* Reports to the IT Manager and will work with a team of other network/system administrators and programmers.

* Minimum of 5 years hands-on experience working with
Linux/Unix-based environment and minimum of 2 years in Windows-based environment are required.
* Good communication, strong technical and analytical skills are essential.
* Must have demonstrated working knowledge of WAN Routers and switches, firewalls and proxy servers.
* A degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science is preferred.

We are also in need of Systems & Network Manager / Administrator with focus on MICROSOFT and CISCO Routers.

If you find this of interest with you or your friends, please feel free to contact me at 0915.319.1262 so that I can discuss this with you further or, kindly leave your mobile number so that I can call you and maybe set up a meeting to discuss. The postion is for a regular one and the compensation is very flexible and highly competitive.

Thanks and regards,

IT Consultant / Technical Recruitment Manager
Mobile: +63 915 319.1262

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