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Author: PHP Web Development
To: PHP Web Development
Subject: We are looking for PHP PROGRAMMER
Makati-based company seeks experienced programmer with the following skills:

*Programming Languages: PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, Java servlets, XML, Visual Basic,

and other open source languages.

*Database Management Systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

*Operating Systems: Redhat Linux, Fedora, other Linux distributions, WIN 98/ME/XP/2000

*Web Development Tools: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop

*Other Skills: Hardware installation, configuration, and LAN

Candidates must also have the following qualities:

* Analytical with superior problem solving skills

* Attention to design and technical details

* Have an open attitude - willing to adapt and share knowledge and skills

* Good team player

* Have excellent communication skills

* Must have an excellent work ethic

A College Degree or software certification is a plus but not necessary. Candidates

are selected based on technical experience and know how, work ethic, and

leadership qualities.

New graduates will be considered provided you meet the mentioned criteria.

Company Background:

We do a lot of pioneering development work in web, mobile, and specialty applications.

In 2006 the firm developed two IT business models and partnered with a marketing firm

to develop a third model. Two of the models have resulted in establishment of spin off

companies which are scheduled to launch in early 2007.

As far as career is concerned, we offer a path that could lead to managing a part or even

one of the business concerns.

If you’re looking for a challenge, a chance to pioneer IT services, and a work in a very

personal organization – this is the place for you.

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