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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Fwd: Call for Participation: Philippine Conference on FOSS and E-Governance, FOSS Fiesta and Joomla + Ubuntu+FOSS Migration Workshop]
Dear Mr. Lara,
I got your email probably because I subscribed to the bayanihan lists.
So what is the purpose of this conference? Would it help in making the
government agencies become efficient? Or it is just an excuse for some
personalities to go to a classy place to drink expensive coffee?
I am an OFW and have been on for the past 21 years. Every year I go to
the Tourism office at the Luneta to file for the "reduced travel tax" of
my family.Everytime I go there I am asked to submit the same Marriage
certificate and the same Birth Certificate of my children.This was for
the past 18 years and you can just imagine the big file of xeroxed
documents accumulated over that period for all OFWs that go to Tourism
every year.
I have asked the people at tourism why they require the submission of
all these papers yearly and the reply was that "the commission on audit
requires the submission of the papers".The solution to this is to
computerize the system.
Why can't the government agencies utilize the vast talents in DOST to
come up with a software to computerize? What is the point in all the
discussion about developing a Linux distro if there is hardly any move
on the government agencies to computerize. Are these old government
employees so SCARED to loss their job to computerization?
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