Experienced LAMP / Javascript programmer(s) wanted

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Author: PHP Web Development
To: PHP Web Development
Subject: Experienced LAMP / Javascript programmer(s) wanted
Hi All,

Any good PHP/LAMP/Javascript programmers on this
list living in the QC/Caloocan area?

We are looking to take in 1 or 2 programmers and
we want someone pretty experienced with PHP and

* "2-3 years" familiarity with PHP/MySQL programming,
preferably more. If you're a 'guru', then so much
the better.

* We may have some Python work from time to time,
so Python experience is very welcome.

* Should be fairly well-versed with DOM and/or AJAX.
Basically someone who knows how to use innerHTML and
XmlHttpRequest or at the very least, what they are

* If you've worked with and/or understand what
prototype.js is for, this is a big plus since
we have adopted this and intend to use it for
all javascript/AJAX work. Either way, the
candidate will definitely need to visit and
read the tutorial below:


* Should be CSS/HTML literate (at least).

* Some design/layout skill is useful

Regarding compensation, it can be either regular
or project-basis or a mix of both. We would like
to hire people who are worth at least P35-40K per
month, and if you are experienced enough to handle
more load and still get a quality job done, it should
be possible for us to pay twice this amount.

Please email CV (subject header: LAMP / Javascript programmer)
if interested.
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