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when i first started learning php, i was too eager to buy a php book for me to
learn. fortunately, i never got to... because the chm version of the php manual
is more than enough... |:) ... the chm version includes notes from users
(specific to a topic)... and you can have the luxury of "copy and paste" to
test codes and modify them to suit your needs... not all notes are useful

but that's me, for some people, nothing beats a real book in your hand...


Quoting Michael Angelo Calimlim <macalimlim@???>:

> You can get free e-books from the internet if you dont want to buy from
> national bookstore.... :D
>                                    - the best things in the world are free

> Ariz Jacinto <acjacinto@???> wrote: i think PHP manual is good enough
> (and free in HTML/CHM format).
> but if your really want a book to begin with, try the book by Kevin
> Yank (i'm not sure about the title but it is something close to "PHP
> database driven applications").
> On 8/23/06, Moslemen Macarambon Jr. <jun@???> wrote:
> what PHP book do you suggest to buy? like this PHP book is must for PHP
> developers in their bookshelf? i see some at National bookstore... but i
> wonder if they are really good. i'm a newbie and want to learn PHP so bad...
> almost all is now using PHP. hehe.. thanks sa replies!
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