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Author: Ariz Jacinto
To: Philippine Linux Users' Group (PLUG) Technical Discussion List
Subject: Re: [plug] Cannot connect to the Internet in Ubuntu
you're not alone,

but it seems like the card works fine on Mandrake/Mandriva,

why not try the live CD of Mandriva and check if it would work?
or download a specific driver for that card or how about buying another
card? :)

On 8/19/06, Harvey Diaz <bhdenterprises@???> wrote:
> hello guys,
> SOS pls... i was setting up a new ubuntu dapper in a computer with two
> ethernet lan cards. got no problems during the installation. it even
> said that the network was successfully configured. when i got to the
> Ubuntu desktop, i found out that i have no internet conection. i
> checked the networking tool in Ubuntu and it dispaled nameservers such
> as and ip addresses. i have a new wireless DSL
> thru Smart Bro that was installed the other day. my friend also has a
> running Ubuntu with Smart Bro connection so I know it got to be a
> hardware problem. my friend's NIC is realtek and mine are two Cnet PRO
> 200 PCI Fast Ethernet Cards (as detected in Windows XP and as labeled
> in the box). in ubuntu it is labeled Davicom Semiconductor Inc.
> DEC-Tulip compatible 10/100 Ethernet (rev 40) when I run lspci.
> tried to run dhclient and it said it got no DHCPOFFERS. checked
> ifconfig what was registered was an IP6 address. i know it got to be
> the cards cause my friend has no problems with realtek. now i have a
> lame connection and instead of ubuntu alone in my box i was forced to
> dual boot to WinXp for my internet purposes. i could not even download
> ubuntu uodates and packages because i have no connection. please help
> me guys..

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