Bayanihan Linux 2006 Server Now Available for download.

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Author: Bayanihan GNU/Linux Maintenance and Development Mailing List
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Subject: Bayanihan Linux 2006 Server Now Available for download.
Bayanihan Linux 2006 Sever is now available for download!

The Bayanihan Linux Server 2006 is an easy-to-use Linux server for government
agencies, school and SMEs. It is designed specifically for novice Linux users
and non-Linux system adminitrators to ease the learning curve of running open
source services while learning how to use it.

Bayanihan Linux 2006 Server is composed of open source services and a wizard
configuration tool. The open source services consists of the following:
        BIND DNS
        Apache Web Server
        Postfix Mail Server
        Dovecot IMAP
        MySQL Database

The Wizard Configuration Tool is a web-based, one stop configuration tool for
the open source services. It features an online help and simple controls for
configuration settings, access control and enabling service.

The system requirements of this system are the following:
        Pentium 2 and above
        128MB RAM
        4.3 GB Hard Disk Space
        LAN CARD

Download link:

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