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On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 19:38 +0800, wyzemoro wrote:
> im more intersted with c/c++ first.. other language after i master this one. :D

Mastering C or C++ (two related though different languages) would take
at least a decade of actively using either. It's something you might not
wanna take out of your system if you get good at it, OTOH it might be
something you'd wanna despise as you go along with the process of
learning and using it. I for one love C++, and despise C now -- for the
lack of Object Oriented and Good Software Design features/capabilities.

> i think its better if we do some research. what aps they really need.
> so we can make aps... madali lang i maintain? component add-ons?

Good idea. Do you already have something in mind we can pick up and
run-away with? Even a simple application (we can write it in C/C++)
which will help a lot of people is a good candidate for an open source
project -- we might not even need UNDP funding for it.

> heres a news from MindaNews:
> GMA to launch Koronadal computerization
> By Allen V. Estabillo / MindaNews / 09 January 2006
> quote:
> .... US$500,000 (P26.3 million) project that will fully computerize
> the city government's operations.
> xxxx
> A project briefer said the computerization program would focus on the
> development of global information systems or GIS-based
> revenue-generating systems, administrative and office automation
> systems, legislative and law enforcement systems and decision-support
> systems.
> . kaya ba eto? hehe. :)

Too big for a loosely knit open source group, but should be worth
tackling if you're a businessman or into the business of providing
solutions. ;)

Dean Michael C. Berris
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