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On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 18:30 +0800, Jan Pabellon wrote:
> Personally I would be interested in contributing to an open source
> effort for a CRM or a "Citizen Relationship System" leveraging an
> existing open source CRM solution.
> Top of mind features would be:
> 1) Deployment at the city/municipal level
> 2) Citizen case management system (filing of complaints, inquiries,
> suggestions)
> 3) DB of officials, profiles, project histories, assigned cases down to
> the barangay level
> 4) Community forums
> 5) DB of downloadable forms (LGU level)
> 6) Online resources/articles/etc.
> Objective is to:
> 1) Improve govt service and enable a citizen-centric approach to
> governance using IT
> 2) Improve transparency and accountability by having a central database
> of all projects and cases of all lgu officials
> 3) Improve inter-office communication and collaboration
> 4) Improve efficiency and lower cost of operations
> Any other thoughts?

Looks like you've thought this out for a long time already! :) Lemme see
if I can get others on board in this direction. I should be opening the
topic to other interested developers on different lists, and I hope we
can spike some more traffic into this list. :)

Dean Michael C. Berris
Mobile +639287291459
YMID: mikhailberis

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