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On 1/10/06, Dean Michael C. Berris <mikhailberis@???> wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 16:04 +0800, wyzemoro wrote:
> > i can help on documentation... my programming skills really suck.
> > hehe. maybe after few years... i can learn to be a good programmer. :D
> > *grin*
> >
> Great! :) Perhaps we can do something about your learning to be a good
> programmer. What programming languages do you like using or are most
> comfortable in?

im more intersted with c/c++ first.. other language after i master this one. :D

> > documentation + site/forum maintainer + translation (local dialect?
> > tagalog, cebuano, meranao) + publicity? haha... anyway.... what kind
> > of aps are you thinking?
> >
> I'm thinking simple apps that may help local government units deal with
> the different records they keep. Perhaps something for the treasurer's
> office for the cedula's and maybe the other receipts they keep.
> Or maybe something for the local municipal information office, something
> that might help them keep track of the complaints, questions, and info
> they receive and keep regarding the day-to-day happenings for the
> municipality.
> Anything that might have something to do with helping people do their
> jobs a little easier, or perhaps a service which makes a lot of people's
> lives a lot more convenient.
> Actually, the possibilities are endless -- nonetheless we can still work
> on something a lot of us would really want to contribute to.
> Maybe you have ideas which you would like to share about something you'd
> really wanna work on? ;)

i think its better if we do some research. what aps they really need.
so we can make aps... madali lang i maintain? component add-ons?

heres a news from MindaNews:

GMA to launch Koronadal computerization
By Allen V. Estabillo / MindaNews / 09 January 2006


.... US$500,000 (P26.3 million) project that will fully computerize
the city government's operations.


A project briefer said the computerization program would focus on the
development of global information systems or GIS-based
revenue-generating systems, administrative and office automation
systems, legislative and law enforcement systems and decision-support

. kaya ba eto? hehe. :)

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