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On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 09:54 +0000, Michael Mariano wrote:
> Hey, can I join in even if I'm far off in a distant land somewhere? :D

Yes of course! All the input we can muster is most appreciated. :)

> Usually, for LGUs and the like, its typical application development
> where most of the challenges lies in requirements gathering. Its a
> typical MIS. I think most of the components is already OSS like ERP
> and CRM. I don't know if the UNDP would fund it though.

I know what you mean, however there are common things in all the
municipalities which are currently being dictated by law -- these are
the residency certificates, barangay clearances, etc. -- to be uniform.
If we can somehow come up with something that will link these systems
together on a national (or even just provincial) scale, then we might as
well have found a solution to the information divide between
municipalities in the Philippines.

> What about something that has a hardware and software component?
> Roughly 80% is below the poverty line. How about something that they
> can use? To bridge the software/technology divide?

This sounds pretty interesting, and might be worth pursuing. A
sub-5000Php computer perhaps? One which packs enough processing power
and applications for the typical Filipino? I think we might be able to
get UNDP to fund something like this.

Another plausible project would be Internet access through Municipal
Kiosks using TLDP in the Municipal Hall... This train of thought would
be very interesting indeed and beneficial to a lot of people.

> It has to be innovative if not revolutionary solution to a persistent
> problem. Which begs us to answer what problem we want to tackle.

Actually, it could be a simple solution to a pertinent problem -- one
which works and is very effective and allows a lot of people to use the
solution and benefit from it. It may be an online service, something
like a email-to-telegram (wherein someone just types in a message
through the internet, and then the post office gets informed that
someone wants to send a telegraph to someone). Something that simple
might be something the UNDP might wanna look at. ;)

Or, it might not be about the UNDP funding after all. Some people (like
me included) would really want to be able to help out some way with the
advancement of open source software to the grass-roots (schools, the
community, everyday situations, etc). If we are able to do it by
highlighting that it's Open Source Driven, then I'm all for it. :)

Dean Michael C. Berris
Mobile +639287291459
YMID: mikhailberis

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