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Subject: [plug] OffTopic: Exchange Server 2003 Tutorial
Good day to all, Anyone here expert with Exchange Server 2003, that is based in Philippines (preferred based in Cagayan De Oro, Butuan, Surigao Area) but if there is any from Manila will do as well?
          I need a  consultancy from January 2 up to January 6 2006 (Date will be adjusted as  agreed)
          Topics needed  to tackle out:

   How Exchange Server 2003 Works       (Overview)
   Maintaining Exchange Server 
      How and where the data stored,        insight with MsSQL integration of mails.
      Troubleshooting Exchange        Server (Delayed message, failed message, and more)

   Disaster Recovery Solutions 
      Steps how to recover per        account or as well entire server

   Web Based Exchange Server       access, how it works.
   Tweaking Exchange Server
   Personal insight based on       experience with exchange server 2003  
          Much appreciated  if there is any syllabus provided.
          Regarding the  pay it will be discussed later.
          Kindly  e-mail me privately at kutchaia@???  and let me know how much you offer for the training.
              Kind  Regards,


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