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Subject: [plug] [OT] Commute instructions to Christmas Party venue
Sorry for yet another OT/cross-post message

For those who'd be attending the Christmas Party this Saturday, here
are commute instructions on getting there:

Greenwoods is near Pinagbuhatan - you could get there by riding a
tricycle from the Greenwoods tricycle terminal at Pasig Market. Just
mention that you'd be going to Phase I, Tamarind St. It's just the
first street after the gate (you'd immediately notice a "This way to
Villa Cecilia" signboard at the foot of the street - I dunno why they
placed it there though).

Alternatively you could get a ride from Pasig Rotonda (would cost a
bit higher though). It would pass through C.Raymundo, Mercedez Avenue,
then to Sandoval St., then Greenwoods Avenue.

You could join Marvin et.al. -> just refer to his earlier post.

My apologies for the visually-challenging map - I never knew that
reducing the scale of a 25MB scanned image to 600 pixels would result
in this disaster. I'm cartographically-challenged anyway;)

And yes, the event is free.

Paolo Alexis Falcone
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