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Author: El Cid Ablang
To: linuxjobs
CC: Benjie Henares, Ronald Robin
Subject: Technical Product Manager
Hello Everyone!

Did you know that SpecOpS Laboratories has a 3-month full time job offer
for an aggressive and experienced Technical Product Manager who will
have cross-functional oversight responsibilities towards the
international launch of the DAVID software.

This is open to individuals and companies. For individuals, this can
lead to permanent employment or, perhaps, the position of Chief
Technical Officer (CTO) in the company. So, take advantage of this
offer. The compensation package is not fixed yet but we invite you to
discuss with us.

SpecOps Laboratories is about to launch an industry-shaking-product
called David. When David takes off, the company and the various
software products that we will be known throughout the world. Did you
ever want to be part of a startup company, that became "big", just like
what Jobs and Gates did in the past? So, if you have the guts, the
time, and want to be somebody or just need the extra revenue/funds....
send over your resume. If applicable, we will send the detailed work
requirements for your review immediately if you respond to this email.
And then, we just need two simple interviews from your valuable time and
then its done.

Think about it...

El Cid Adrian Maximo S. Ablang
LinuxJobs Philippines (linuxjobs@???)
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