[ph-isp] route influencing/request

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Author: Joshua L. San Juan
To: ph-isp
Subject: [ph-isp] route influencing/request

We have servers co-located with multiple providers in Hong-Kong. We
also have servers co-located in the Philippines. In our traceroutes
to one of our providers in HK from our server in PH - it takes around
7 hops. Traceroutes to another one of our providers in HK from our
server in PH takes 13 hops. Both HK providers are connected to HKIX
and our ISP in PH has presence in HK.


1. Is it possible to 'influence' the routing - to reduce the hops?
Am not really knowledgeable in BGP - but I heard a network engineer
before (in one of the seminars I attended) discussing something about
setting something like preferred route (don't know if I heard it
right?) and how you can even influence the return route (?)

2. If it is possible to 'influence' the routing - do ISPs in the
Philippines generally grant these types of requests?

Thanks in advance.

Joshua L. San Juan
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