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Author: Sherwin Ang
To: PH-ISP Mailing List
Subject: Re: [ph-isp] Cisco load-balancing/failover
If you can't afford the extra memory, better yet look at the Zebra
option and do ebgp-multihop, I'll try this one myself one of these
days when I have the free time.

And with two separate ISP's, you can't really do load balancing per
se, the term here is load sharing since the combined routes of the two
ISP's will just be the best path to a certain destination and the best
path back to you. You can however influence this with
local-preference, weight or as-path prepend attributes and route-map,
route-policy magic.

Actually the AS will not be the major factor, you and your ISP's can
settle with a private as, not good practice but it should work. A set
of IP addresses from your ISP's also should not be lower than a /24
otherwise BGP peers in the internet will just dump your network, well
most of them will do. ISP A would advertise 2 /24's, one from
provider A, one from provider B and the same goes with the other ISP.

Best setup? Get your own Allocated Portable IP from APNIC, your own
AS number and BGP with the two ISP and multi-home with them. This
will provide you with redunduncy, fail-over protection (given that you
have a pipe the size of the two connections combined) and load
sharing. Well, a big monthly bill too :)

Am happy to see that somehow, PH-ISP is still alive one way or the other :)

On 6/23/05, Miguel A Paraz <mparaz@???> wrote:
> > yes you need your own AS and 2600's will do just fine, make sure though that
> > your upstream ISP's only announces their and their customer routes to you.
> Better if you know the AS-paths so that you can filter on inbound as
> well, just in case they reconfigure and forgot the outbound filter
> facing you.
> > I'm looking more into the fail-over functionality - but if we can also
> > do load-balancing much better.
> If you're mostly sending stuff outbound, then it's easier to tune your
> route-maps to prefer one link or another depending on your outbound
> traffic and its destinations. If it's inbound... tough!
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