Re: [ph-isp] Cisco load-balancing/failover

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Author: Miguel A Paraz
To: PH-ISP Mailing List
Subject: Re: [ph-isp] Cisco load-balancing/failover
> yes you need your own AS and 2600's will do just fine, make sure though that
> your upstream ISP's only announces their and their customer routes to you.

Better if you know the AS-paths so that you can filter on inbound as
well, just in case they reconfigure and forgot the outbound filter
facing you.

> I'm looking more into the fail-over functionality - but if we can also
> do load-balancing much better.

If you're mostly sending stuff outbound, then it's easier to tune your
route-maps to prefer one link or another depending on your outbound
traffic and its destinations. If it's inbound... tough!
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