Re: [ph-isp] Cisco load-balancing/failover

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Author: Joshua L. San Juan
To: PH-ISP Mailing List
Subject: Re: [ph-isp] Cisco load-balancing/failover
On 6/22/05, Horacio T. Cadiz <hcadiz@???> wrote:

>     This is a function of memory. Even a 3600 with a small memory will not
> be able to handle the full routing table (assuming your ISP dumps the
> entire thing to you).

our router:
cisco 1751-V (MPC860P) processor (revision 0x500) with 54538K/10998K
bytes of memory

if we upgrade the memory of our router (if can be) - can it handle the
setup (run BGP)?

>      Try zebra on Linux. It works well.

will look into that.

>    Are you sure you want a backup link? You might be better off just
> doubling your bandwidth to your original ISP rather than splitting
> the load to two different ISPs.

I'm looking more into the fail-over functionality - but if we can also
do load-balancing much better.

Again, thanks for the inputs.

Best Regards,
Joshua L. San Juan
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