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On Wed, 22 Jun 2005 rpb@??? wrote:

> According to its specs, it supports BGP4, but I'm not sure if it can handle
> all the routes. Maybe a 3600 series router will do.

    This is a function of memory. Even a 3600 with a small memory will not 
be able to handle the full routing table (assuming your ISP dumps the 
entire thing to you).

> If you have limited budget, you can try setting up OpenBGPD on a server and
> do multihop BGP. Haven't tried this yet though.
> ----- OpenBGPD server ----- Cisco 1751 se0 ----- ISP A
>                                       se1 ----- ISP B

     Try zebra on Linux. It works well.

>> 4. Any tips / pitfalls to avoid / comments / suggestions on the setup
>> above?

Are you sure you want a backup link? You might be better off just
doubling your bandwidth to your original ISP rather than splitting
the load to two different ISPs.
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